Dropdown not working - HELP!

Why is my dropdowns not letting me select an option?

See in the link, the dropdown opens but I cant select anything!


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You need to use a “select field” which can be selected from the form elements, instead of a dropdown. They also use this in the webflow university tutorial about forms.

Then I cant style it like I want to

How do you style a select field properly?

Yes, styling has always been a bit tricky for form elements, though its been getting better in recent years as more browsers become more standards-compliant.

It depends on how you’re trying to style it, but you will probably use a combination of Webflow designer styles, plus some external CSS and maybe even some external jQuery component libraries. I use these often for elements like date pickers and sliders.

This is a common problem in web design so a lot of people have developed different approaches, here are a few-


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