Select form not working in mobile

Hi there, I have a select form on my pricing page that effects the prices on my site. For some reason the select form is showing blank in mobile. When I am previewing the mobile design within Webflow the select form looks fine. But when I actually view it on my phone it is blank.

This is currently live and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Tanya_Higgins

Can you share your read only link please?

Hi Aaron thank you so mch for getting back to me, here is my read only link

The select form that is giving me trouble is on the “pricing” page, in the webflow mobile “preview” it looks fine, but when I actually open it on my iphone x it looks like this…


Hi Aaron! Any updates on this?

I have the same problem. I found that by removing a lot of the height / margin / padding settings on the select I was able to get it looking right. In particular I think the padding-bottom on the element was making the text disappear.