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Form field text white and unreadable on mobile

Hi I would really appreciate some help.

My contact form is fine on desktop but on mobile, the input text is unreadable - white/transparent?

I have tried changing the text to grey but it still doesn’t work on mobile.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Form Feld Text on Mobile

Hey egd,

I looked at your read-only version and found that you have set the right padding to 220 on the text-field element on the mobile portrait view. Here is a video of what I observed.

Thanks @Aaronn
If I reduce the padding the form field size goes really small. What should I do?

You can set width values found under the “size” properties. Here is a great lesson on how sizes work; and here’s a lesson on spacing (padding, margins)

I recommend that you complete the Webflow University lessons; they are free.

Thanks Aaron, that fixed both problems.

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