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Form "select" field not displaying on tablet/phone

Hello there Webflow community!

I just finished building my first Webflow site (my personal UX/UI portfolio site), and I’m just about ready to go “live” except for this tiny nuisance that I can’t figure out.

On my Contact form (, I have a “select” field for Project Budget. Seems to work fine on Desktop, but on Tablet or Phone, when I choose one of the items, it remains blank (doesn’t show me which one is selected).

Is this just a bug, or am I doing something wrong? This is driving me NUTS! :-/

Hey @LynnUX!

Congratz on finishing your portfolio! :slight_smile: :boom: :)
Can you send us the site read-only link so we can take a look?


Doh! Didn’t know I could do that :slight_smile: Here’s the read-only link!

Thanks a bunch, guys!

Thanks @LynnUX, that helps a lot :slight_smile: Could you try removing the top and bottom padding on the text field class on the select and then republish, and see if that helps?

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Ahhhhh… you ROCK!! That fixed everything! :slight_smile: Thank you so very much for the quick reply… I’m now officially ready to launch this baby!


@LynnUX, coolness :slight_smile: I am glad to help anytime :slight_smile: PS. if you want to keep the padding for desktop view, and remove the padding for mobile views, you can remove that padding starting at tablet view and lower.

That’s true, although I probably don’t need it there anyway… but I had totally forgotten to re-adjust that for mobile, which you caught right away! Thanks again!!

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