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Whats WRONG with Mobile Display?

Hi, I just used webflow!

Why does the Select field display on mobile become like this? even though I have set it to look like the one above it!

Hi @RifkieDr,

Welcome to the community. I am here to help. Can you provide the share link for your project?

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

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Here is

Hi @RifkieDr,

I see a couple things here.

  1. your mobile nav sits too high with its defined height, which you are not able to click on the arrow for the selector dropdown. I would only define the height in your interaction.
  2. You can style the select for how the static version looks but to style it out how the dropdown looks on mobile browsers then you will have to use some custom code. Not sure why that is. (ill inquire with our team tho). You can refer to this page: and this would be added the the Pages Settings under the inside tag custom code section after the FB pixel script.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

thank you!

But this is not about the problem with mobile nav. but the appearance of a select field that is different from the others.

as if seen with a display that does not match


This I know, but found the nav issue while looking at the selector issue.

This is why I have two points.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Hi @RifkieDr,

I have reached out to our team. This is what they have come up with for a fix and I have tested it and it does work.

<style> select { -webkit-appearance: none; } </style>

This code snippet will be added under your FB pixel on the Home Page Settings or anywhere else you have a form with a select option. You can also just add this one time for your custom code area under your project’s settings for the whole project.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

it works!

thank you @WebDev_Brandon

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