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Security Alert from Google Search Console


I just received notice in Google Search Console “Google has detected that your site has been hacked by a third party who added spammy or malicious pages to your site.”. I looked at the code on the main page and did not see anything that stands out to me as malicious. However, I’m not a coding expert. I do not see any previous posts about this specific issue. Is there a tool we can use to find the issue and remove it or is there another way to handle this issue?

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Not really a Webflow question

  • unless your site is hosted with Webflow.


  • providing your domain name might help someone provide a better answer.

Thank you for that information revolution. I’m pretty sure you have to have a site hosted on Webflow to be a part of this forum. It is a valid question for this forum and providing the share link would not have helped in this situation. Have a good day.

Providing the website URL and screenshots of the error message would help.

The issue was a DNS A record issue. I emailed support who advised me that it needed to be updated. I just set this up in April and did not recieve any notification from Webflow that the information needed to be updated for SSL. The IP it was pointing too was a valid Webflow IP when it was set up.

The error msg from google said specifically a third party hacked the site.

Thanks Again.