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Redirect issues

Hi! I could get some feedback on this strange issue? I just launched my site a few days ago, hooray! But a google scan of my site says I have malicious links? I contacted my DNS provider and there is nothing there. They told me to contact my host and that the files with this “malicious links” information is there. So here i am. It seems that in the files of my website there is something redirecting people to a strange looking domain. Has anyone had any errors with this before and if so what tools did you use to fix this? I am totally new to this and have no IT skills or knowledge and I am basically learning this all as
I go along. Any help or suggestions will be great!

Hi @LokahLuv - Please provide a published URL for your project. It is the only way for anyone else to check for you. A readonly link is also helpful and a requirement when posting to the bugs category.

Oh! Thank you! I am sorry, I am new to this and learning as I go. :slight_smile:

here is the link:

@cyberdave hi! Do you have any insights to this?

A published URL is where people would go to visit your website. Can you please share that?

Yes! Thank you!

What tool did you use specifically. Provide the URL.


Was this domain formerly a Muse site?

Did you ever have a security incident?

This all started when I got an error message from google ad words stating that my site has malicious content.

So I contacted google ad words this morning and my service rep said she did a scan of the site and it came back as having “malicious links” . I asked her what should I do and she said I need to contact my hosting provider because the links are in the site files at the host. (I have no idea what that means). I also contacted my DNS provider and they told me the same thing, contact the website host.

And yes, I have had multiple MUSE sites on this domain for many years, and it was the last site I hosted there until I switched to my new webflow site which is exactly when the error message with google started.

Here are the links causing an issue provided by the google ad words specialist-she said to have these removed from site. How do I do that?

I had one security incident back in 2005 that was cleared up by re-uploading the site.

I just removed the URL’s you posted for security reasons. The URL’s you provided were not from Google. I suspect you may be the victim of an attempted scam.

PM me and I will provide a conf number we can discuss this on if you want further assistance at no charge (limited).

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