Sections wont let me rename them

i got 3 pages with 3 different sections, when i change the name of one it changes all of them, how do i change a section without changing the others. ive tried changing the name under teh style selector, that doesnt work.

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Hey Hogarth, you need to share your read-only project link.
Sections don’t have “names”, are you referring to the class name you’re assigning?

It may be best to video what you’re trying to do.

thanks, i thought i had it figured out, just rename the class name but it would change all of them, i ended up just remaking new sections to use thier names with, thanks anyways tho appreciate it

If you’re not familiar with class names yet, have a look at those courses in Webflow U. They’re important, Webflow will just be a headache without that knowledge.

In this specific case, you’d want to use duplicate and/or subclasses, depending on your styling approach.

thanks, yea i went through those courses and thought about sub naming them, but was sure there was a way to outright change them, i guess not