When I duplicate a section and rename it, it renames both... How to duplicate and make it a new, independent version?

I created a nice section, one that I would like to re-use and populate with new content. Right now, if I rename the duplicate, it renames/updates both… How can I duplicate a section, and rename it and have it independent of the original?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi Trey,

You can do that by using a combo class.

So if you named your section "main section’ (just an example), then you can duplicate it and then add a combo class to the new section: “main section” “new” in the styles panel.

You might need to do the same thing to the content of your section if they both have the same original naming (such as sliders, tabs, etc.)


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Thank you Teresa! Very helpful!

You are very welcome. Glad to help. :slight_smile: