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Naming sections in Webflow

I have been trying to read/watch best practices on Webflow and naming conventions etc. However, I have a very basic question (probably). Is there any way to name Sections. I am going to assume not because my search has delivered zero results. If it’s possible, then please let me know-how as it would be very useful.

FYI, I am only looking to name for my own use only. So, I can quickly know which section is for what.

Thank you.

Hi @RyanUK the Section element works like any other elements. When you add class, this first class name will show as section name in WF Inspector.

Keep in mind that <section> is a HTML tag and HTML TAG CAN’T BE RENAMED because is used by browsers to understand page structure.

some link to HTML basics but you can find more on YT

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A way to do that would be to assign a unique ID to each section.

Section ID in Webflow

Renaming the <section> tag is not possible, as @Stan explained why.

Another way to name your section is to assign classes, which I do not recommend. Especially not in Webflow, since you only have the option for combo classes.

If you refer to the tree in the navigator section, each section has the name of the initial class you assigned and as far as I am aware of, there is no option to rename this.

Hope you could get the information you asked for. I just wanted to share this info on top of the input above.

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Thanks to you both. It makes sense. Although it would been nice to have. :slight_smile: