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Sections covers each other

Can somebody please help me solve this problem about site sections. I have each section splits on two halfs. Everything looks good in editor, but when I publish the site on Chrome one half of section covers all others. On Safari looks ok. I already put different z-index, but nothing happened.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, could you post a screenshot of how it appears fow you on the editor in Chrome? To me the left side section is covering everything else and the menu is duplicated.

I made a screenshot how should it look like. The rigt side is scrolling from section to section and is ok. The problem is with the left side… I work in safari and there is everything ok. But now the first time I open editor in chrome and saw that there is nothing ok :frowning:


I don’t think you should work on Webflow in Safari, as far as I know it is only really supported on Chrome. You should design the site in it and test in Safari.

I’ve done this site with help of Sabanna sample page. Sections now working. But I have another problem. I made clickable links on images with interactions. When you click on the image (button), the first image of project jumps up (the lower the image is the higher it jumps). I would like make that when you click, the first image, it shows on the top of the screen, like the first one or if you click on work menu. Is there any option for do this?
My link: