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Certain divs overlapping the fixed header on Safari browsers

I can’t seem to understand why is one of my sections overlapping with my fixed header.
This seem to only happen on Safari browsers.

Can anyone help me out?

Here is a screenshot:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK!


The read only link and the screen shot are not looking the same… did you fixed the problem>?

Nope. There’s only a problem while viewing the page using Safari (you can view it live here:

Safari - on my side:

This is not the part where it gets bugged.
Scroll down a little bit and you’ll see it happening on the next section.

Quick edit: you can see the exact part where it happens on the screenshot which I attached in the initial post.

Anyone? I’m already out of my schedule and would really appreciate some help.


I really trying to help you :slight_smile: but I don’t know what do you need. Attach A video showing that everything just fine when scrolling down.

This is very strange as my friend who uses a mac sees the bug and I see the same while testing the website on


After a few days of trying to solve this, I decided to turn off children perspective on the Product Nature Showcase Parallax div and place a standard non-animated div instead and everything is working flawlessly thus it appears there’s a problem with either Children Perceptive or with transform settings of inner divs.

So no animation for this website, but at least it works.

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