Overlapping sections on published site

I’ve got this issue a lot, the different sections of my page are overlapping and I don’t know what to do to stop this happening.
I would like the sections to be displaying just like in the designer tab.
Any advice on how to avoid this ?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - WEBSITE
Here is my site published : (THANKS)

Is this on mobile layouts only? If so, I think you need to change some of the 100vh height settings to auto.
100vh isn’t enough room for some of the content you have in those divs.

It’s on desktop also.

Interesting. I was looking on my iPad Pro, Safari and looks correct. Regular Safari on desktop I see it. Also it’s possible that you’ve made changes in the designer but haven’t published yet because the top section appears to be in a fixed position.

Try changing .content-flex-wrapper. You have Absolute position now but maybe try removing this and instead set the height to 100vh and width 100%. I don’t have the ability to publish these changes so hard to know if this will help.

I published what you suggested but it unfortunately did not worked… I don’t understand why it looks correct on designer and breaks when published.