Section shows up on another section


I have a problem with my website. When trying to add a new section the following happen:

As you can see, the new section appears on top of another section. I have been trying to resolve this problem but couldn’t find a way to do it. Would be happy if someone could help me.

Hi Etienne,

I think you’re going to need to share a public link to the site in question so we can all take a look.

Having said that though it’s probably a positioning issue with the other sections that is causing this as brand new sections dropped or added in from the add elements panel won’t do this by themselves, instead it will be due to some positioning and / or sizing issues on your other elements I would think.

A link will definitely enable us to all help you out more though as at the moment it would all just be guesswork.

Best wishes,


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Hello Mark,

Thanks for your message. Here is the link :

I am spending too many hours trying to fix small problems like this… :frowning:

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