Positioning Overlapping Sections

I’m having a problem positioning sections. They seem to be overlapping sometimes in desktop mode, but more often in tablet and mobile. Looking at other webflow sites in the editor it shows sections just as position relative and they’re fine. I’ve never had a problem with this until now.

Here’s the link. https://preview.webflow.com/preview/flow-motion-tours?preview=a6c79ee4b45e34861b4b35babd46835d

Check out the homepage in tablet and mobile modes.


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Your section has a height, so even if the content exceeds it, the next section will start just after it, hence the content overlapping it.

Instead of 500px height, put a 500px min-heightso that when the content overflows, the section will expand.

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@vincent I feel so silly - thank you for pointing that out! Cheers. :beers:

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