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Centering any element

Hi there,

I’m stuck when it comes to centering elements in a Webflow doc. I’ve gone through the video tutorials and some older threads, but the editor interface isn’t that intuitive yet.

Let’s say I have a Section, then a container, then a div block. I don’t want that div block to be the maximum width of the container. I set the div block width for something like 80%. it stays left justified in the container, and I can’t get the div block to center.

I’m wondering… I do I need to next a div block within a div block to get it to work? I really don’t want to use Flexbox if I can help it.

Thanks in advance for my very basic question. :slight_smile:

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Just use “center element” property in the “display settings”

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Thanks! For reference, I pointed it out with bad pixel art