Navbar link scrolls halfway down the page


So, Webflow provides a way to scroll automatically to anchors (meaning ID’s of elements).

You can select those element as a target in the link settings of any link text or link block (NavBar link in my case).

I’m using this exact same method to link my sections with my NavBar links, but when I click the link, it does not scroll all the way down to the section, it gets stuck halfway down the page.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem but I couldn’t find any, hope someone can help me and others with the same problem.

Thank you!

(Edit): This is my first post by the way, tell me if I some more info is needed. Thanks!

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Hi @Pol_Pages, just had a quick look - think this has something to do with your navmenu/navbar.

Tried a bit of process of eliminiation and seems to be jumping the bottom of the screen to the top of the section where the ID is.

I turned the navbar from fixed to static, pressed the ‘features’ button and this seemed to work fine (you might want to test this also).

I have to dash so couldn’t have an indepth look sorry, however have a play around with that side menu to see if you can’t find the answer.

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hi @Pol_Pages I have also looked into your project and the issue is related to your navbar positioning.

here is short video how your issue can be solved

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Thank you so much! Never thought the positioning of the navbar was the problem. The video explains itself 100%. The issue is now solved.
Thanks again! Webflow has such an awesome community.