Secondary header and navigation

Hi, I’m trying to build a secondary sticky/floating nav for a car manufacturer. They want it to have a similar functionality kind of like here:


Can’t find figure out an appropriate way to smoothly build out this approach. Can someone share from their experience building a similar layout on Webflow?


Hi Eitan👋 It’s easy to do in Webflow, just use Position: Sticky for your secondary navbar + set Position: Relative to parent section.
Here is a live example: Secondary header and navigation
Here is a Read-only project: Webflow - BroPlayGround

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Thank you Dmitrii. I am looking to build something more robust and smooth with dependency between the main nav to secondary nav based on what is selected. basically a lot like the functionality in the examples above. Any suggestions?

So it’s more complicated and need to do with some custom JS. If you are interested in the help of a freelancer — write me DM.