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Sidebar Navigation

Hey there, came across this website which is really cool, but what was wondering if there would be a way in webflow to get a similar navigation menu where it takes over the full screen. I guess this would be similar to the navigation on . Thanks for any help =]

Hi, this should be possible in Webflow, by combing different interactions divs and navbar elements. You can check out some different interactions, especially the side bar interaction and interactions that are used on click, to trigger interactions on different elements.

You could also post a project link of what you are working on, to get help and advice, how to make something like this :smile: Cheers!

Hi cyberdave,

I’ve got a follow-up question if you have some time. I’m also interested in a sidebar. Actually like the one you guys show on EXAMPLE 4 Click to show sidebar. I think I understand how to set up the ‘click’ and how to build the interaction sequence in the webflow interface. What I don’t understand (and this is probably because I don’t really know how to code) is how to think about building the elements using containers, div blocks etc and if those are set to inline block or block etc. My question is really how do I build a sidebar that takes up the full height and doesn’t push other containers with content and ‘lives on top of everything else’?

Grateful for any tips and resources!

Hi @stinajonsson, thanks for the message. I have been delayed on the tutorials, but will try to post something soon. Cheers, Dave

Great! Thanks! I’ll look out for those.

Hi @cyberdave any luck with those tutorials? I would like to implement the sidebar on the artist portfolio page for a client site I’m building, Thanks!

@dreps - hey. you did a nice job there.

Thanks dude looking forward to making some really cool stuff with webflow in the future :slight_smile: @Revolution

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Can’t tell about the design. It doesn’t load well on mobile. If you haven’t figured it out. The sidebar is just a section fixed to one side then moved on/off screen by interaction. The tutorial videos show exactly how to build it

Thanks @DFink , I haven’t finished up the mobile side but I think I have this sidebar thing figured out.