Searching Content Types

I’m a developer that’s looking to see if Webflow can solve some issues with a client’s existing site. There is search functionality on the site to find venues for a wedding based on when the date of the wedding would be, how many guests they will have, and if they want to select a specific location.

I have a handle on how I would setup venues as content types in Webflow, but it looks like Site Search functionality isn’t really setup for this kind of search. I’m curious if there is an out-of-the-box way or if there is a way through custom coding with Webflow’s APIs to recreate this functionality.

Appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction. Thanks!

(I don’t have a project setup yet to share any links.)

Nope on the out-of-the-box. The CMS is not designed to be a real time queried resource. In fact caching is 12 hours by default. Search is limited to site unless you block everything else to limit results. Some use Isotope or Mixitup to present a filterable interface to collection data. So that is a possible bath if you can deal with the inherit limitations. Using the API is possible from another APP you build as a bridge but that would be lots of coding. You might be better off looking at Airtable or another third-party database with API and restful hooks you can integrate using custom code.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll look into those solutions. It’s an interesting idea using Webflow almost as simply a frontend service and having a separate system for a backend/data service.