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Google Search Responses

When I search for some companies, I get beautiful side bar responses giving details about the company. Example:

When I search for my company, I get an ugly little rectangle with nothing but a link. How do I expand this information in WebFlow so that Google gives a pretty presentation of my company?

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This is not Webflow. You Have to add your company and information to Google my bussen

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I created my Google My Business profile years ago. It has all of the same information as the example I provided (because I created that My Business account as well). The search appears to tracking metadata and rich results:

I’d like to manage the rich results in webflow but don’t know how.

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My company displays with map and everything. All from google.
I have no rich results in my site

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Hmmm… So, Google “can” pull metadata and rich content from sites to display in search results, but they don’t always do, AND, just because you have your business profile filled out, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will show it even if you are the obvious result of a search. I guess I’m just screwed unless someone knows how to make the system work.

I think that it should track those metadata more effectively, anyway. Sometimes it simply doesn’t “catch” anything. If you want get more information of how you can promote your business via google services, you should this out ( link: ), it’s an article where author explains everything about Google My Business and how it works.