Seamless CMS page load

Hi guys

I’m building a portfolio site and I want to do something similar to this:

As you can see, when you click some of their work on the left, the CMS page for the corresponding project loads on the right side while the ‘work navigation’ on the left side doesn’t seem to be affected by the page load. Is this possible in Webflow somehow?

I know I can make the same layout on all pages, but it will still be noticeable on page load and the ‘work navigation’ will also scroll to the top in this scenario. Any advice?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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It would be a bit like building a ‘mail client layout’ where the list of emails on the left doesn’t blink on load every time you click a new mail that appears on the right. Hope it makes sense. Haha

I built a demo that leverages Ajax to do this for a team-member project. You could follow along and leverage it for your needs.

[Webflow - Ajax Load Team Members](Read Only)

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Thanks man. I will look into it.

Is there a way to also show the page Url? for example,

@Joshmat_jjen - Don’t see why not.

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@webdev Webflow Interaction don’t work, Please, do you know how i can Enable it on the page?

That’s a cool portfolio site you’re looking to create! To achieve that smooth page load effect in Webflow, you can try using AJAX page transitions. It allows you to load content dynamically without refreshing the entire page, keeping your navigation intact. You’ll need some custom code for this, but it’s doable.