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Is it possible to keep an item on the page (visible) during a new page load?

I want to know if you could create this effect in webflow alone, or if custom code is needed.
Basically when you’re on a page, and you click something that links you to another page (so the page loads), the item used in both the 1st page and 2nd page doesn’t disappear, it not only stays visible, but also moves and grows. A great use case of this is making the project thumbnail image lead into the full project.

I’ve only found this 1 example of this and its dope, but it does take like 2-3 sec to load the next page.
In this example, both the cover image and title for a project stays and changes during page load.

Thank you in advance!!


Yes you can achieve it with Webflow.

One way to make it is to create A section for each subject, the use hide (display:none) and show, plus interaction for each section according to the object (the models) you click on :slight_smile:

Interesting! So in the way you described, the page isn’t actually loading the next page, it’s just showing/hiding all sections, right?

I think this could work, but I’m worried about crazy load times. I’m trying to get this effect for every project in a collection list (with its accompanying cover image), so there would be like 13 projects (5-15 images each) all on one page, and even if they’re hidden, doesn’t webflow still process rendering them?

Thank you!!