Load content via ajax with url update and no page refresh?

Hi guys, I’m a web designer/front end developer of 10+ years looking to move to webflow but I have a few fundamental things I need to get right first.

Is it possible to have one main page that you include all your core elements in, eg: Logo, menu, anything else that appears on every page and to just load other pages seamlessly via ajax? It also needs to trigger a url update but not refresh the entire page. This is the primary reason I haven’t already transitioned to webflow since I’m really targetting a smooth experience and i’m not sure how to do this in webflow yet.

For example is a simple site like http://oop.co.nz possible? Eg: clicking the word faceoff and the page does a basic transition to the next without refreshing everything but also changes the url. Any guide/tutorial links would be appreciated.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

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Would this suit your needs?

oh and if you give it a try and want to use a javascript link you have to enter a backtick ` before your js code. Otherwise you’ll get a http:// appended in front of your code.

Hi, i’m looking for an issue like that too.
@Von_Unruh thanks for your answer but this is not exactly the same thing, in @Jake_Frac example there is a change in URL when we click on a link.

If anyone got solution !

Also looking for something like this.

I am bumping this post
@cyberdave @Von_Unruh do you know how to use Ajax to change the URL, so if someone wanted to share a specific url to someone they would see the same content as their friend.
Many Thanks!

Hey, I’m also looking for this. Did you find anything about it @MatthewSpiegelhalter?


@leonardomattar No reply as of yet :​(

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I see, thanks for the update Matthew! It would be so awesome to get this working in Webflow. The site speed it feels so much faster with it.

i’ve voted for this feature on the wishlist: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-976

Ah cool, I will vote too.

@leonardomattar Just checked the comments of the project linked above and I think you may find this discussion useful.
Its regarding updating the URL of the page.

Here is the link cyberdave provided (so you can click on it)

Hope this helps!