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Sea Chips – Salmon Skin Crisps – New Website

Hi guys,

We’re almost ready to put the new site live. I thought I’d share a preview with you and see what feedback you might have before we do so… Specifically on the animated elements / footer!

There are a few minor bits to take care of, including the page descriptions for the individual products.

Thanks in advance.



Nice site @JoeMillion - intriguing product too!

I like the fish design and also the animations and colour changes.

Possibly missing are images of the mysterious crisps themselves though?

Maybe also adding an image/visual next to the packets of some posh salt/vinegar (probably not a stock image from a ‘greasy spoon’ !) and a slice of lime/chilli etc.

Hungry now…thanks for that :wink:



Love those little fishes swimming at the bottom of the page! Neat designs and I like how the colour changes when you hover over the logo at the top.

Also never heard of salmon skin crisps, but crispy salmon sushis are one of my favourite so that actually sounds like something I’d buy hahaha :wink:

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good site, many useful information

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Thank you Stum, I’m sure we’ll be adding some finer details on the next version of the website - for now, we just needed to get something up quickly on a small budget.


The feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can the copy be changed? Last part of the first sentence is not motivating me to try the product. Scrap it, use that area to tell me what’s great about the product, does it taste like chicken? Perhaps you can go to a three column single row layout for the flavors. For people new to the product put the options right up front. People who enjoy similar product will see your offer and prospects won’t be put off by having to read through the original flavor copy.

Hey, love this site. Simple and clean.

Maybe this is just me but when I’m redirected to another domain I want that to open in another tab, the Buy button.

Love the fishes at the button but I think they swim a little to fast :fish:

Great work and very interesting products :grinning:

Thank you very much for the feedback Jorn :slight_smile:

Good spot on the product page links not opening in a new tab!

The copy can be changed - however that’s down to the client!

I suppose we can’t please everyone, and they don’t quite have the budget for a professional copywriter. It’s really just a starting point whilst they’re scaling production - they’re less concerned about making sales online than they are meeting the orders that they need to fulfil in the short term.

I will take these thoughts into consideration for the next iteration, however :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing.