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Hi guys,

Let us know what you think…!

I am still working on some of the interactions and content - but I’m open to any ideas that you might have, or if you spot any rough edges that I’ve missed…




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Loving the page load interactions. Very nice! :nerd_face:

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Hi @JoeMillion

Very nice work !

Just 2 suggestions, but it’s only my opinion!

I think the “arrow” cursor in the work page is a bit weird, why not just a pointer cursor?

I’d remove italic style on placeholder texts in your Contact page :

Again, only my opinion :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything else, very nice job!


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Thank you Micah :-). Do you see anything that you might improve?


Thanks Blaise - point noted with the contact form.

As for the alternative cursor on the project links – I thought it was cool, a little different… And as far as I’m aware, doesn’t detract from the UX. What do you think?

Oh, great question @JoeMillion!

I am loving your site. So very clean. I now how to get around without any issues. Love it!

Just one humble opinion (don’t feel obligated to listen):

Make all links on white backgrounds to have the same hover color:

Or, separate colors between view changes, and page links.

Hope I was able to help!

I just bookmarked your site as inspiration, and to keep up with ya’lls growth. :nerd_face:

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I appreciate the kind words, but it’s the humble opinions I’m really after :slight_smile:

It is something I’ve been pondering on. My thinking was that the orange is quite intense, and the blue doesn’t make much of an appearance anywhere else. I also thought that the blue helps create difference between the navigation and the projects panel.

How do you mean exactly, with separate colours between view changes / page links?

Thank you again for the feedback.

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Oh, definitely. I’m happy to help! :blush:

I absolutely agree that having the blue color can help viewers see a difference, and there is a difference between page/project links and the “Cool View - Default View” action. I think this would be the only instance a different color could be used - because it is a different action than a link.

Page links, however, all have the same action of taking a user to another location of the site.

I definitely hope I explained that okay lol :blush:

Also, if you’re interested in looking at color palettes - is a neat place to look :nerd_face:

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love it, simple and clean with just the right amount of interaction wizardy to make it feel different and engaging, top work!

Also nice logo, but i think the favicon could do with a tweak as its pretty hard to read, maybe just the C of clay could be enough as a favicon?

Only other feedback is that I would disable the Journal link for now until you have content written, you could display “Coming soon” on hover to keep it in the nav tho.

Nice one,

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21 days later…

Thanks for the feedback Jamie :blush:

I agree with you on the Favicon, I had the same thought but when I tried it, it made no sense… Maybe I’ll focus it on the L of the nose. Better than an out of focus logo.

Take care


You explained it fine :-). It makes sense and it’s smart thinking. I tried it in orange, but it made it much less visible next to the main navigation. Black doesn’t quite stand out enough either due to the weight of the font.

I suppose I’m going to be stubborn on it and leave it as it is, but I appreciate the perspective and will keep it in mind should more comments arise.

Thanks for the link too, it’s a handy site!


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