Scrolling on mobile suddenly locking up at bottom; Overflow is set to visible

Hi folks! :wave: It’s my first time building a site in webflow, so there’s probably all kinds of issues happening that I’m not aware of haha. I’m currently in the process of turning my desktop breakpoint designs into tablet and mobile-friendly designs.

Today when testing the mobile version, I realized that when scrolling on the home page, right around where I reach the “Other Projects” section, the scroll kind of stutters or locks up and resists scrolling any further. I was able to replicate this issue on my phone with the Chrome browser and the Ecosia browser. On desktop, if I resize the window to a mobile breakpoint, I do not encounter the issue.

Please help? :sweat_smile:

Read-Only Site Link:

Live Site Link (where I see the scroll error happening on mobile):

2nd Live Site Link (this goes to my About page, which doesn’t seem to have the same issue on mobile):

Happening to me too. Fully developed site already launched and working, now mobile scroll locks when trying to scroll up after scrolling about 70% down.

Wondering if it has to do with apples latest operating system update… I’m testing on an iPhone.

What a pain! I’m testing on Android/Google Pixel 4, so maybe not? I have an iPhone I can test on later.

So, somehow in the process of setting up the Tablet breakpoint layout, I stopped having the issue I originally posted about? I guess I’ll leave this post up for now in case it breaks again?

Sometimes when your mobile view overflows the size of the screen the scrolling can be affected, ensure all of the elements are inside of the body, or you can quickly test by making the body overflow hidden.