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I am finishing up my first web flow project for my wedding and on mobile the scroll is getting stuck. This mostly happens at the contact section but has happened in other places too. The scroll just refuses to scroll up or down and stays. I thought this may be because there is some horizontal scrolling so I set containers to overflow hidden which does not seem o solve the problem. any help is greatly received.



Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Schlumbergers]

(Webflow - Schlumbergers)

To note this is an error on a mobile preview of the site. I publish, copy the URL into browser onto phone and on both mine and my partner phones it gets stuck.

Thanks for any help


So basically I changed back the styling on body, it was display none on overflow but I actually changed it back to overflow visible and this fixed it. I am not sure why this bugged it. But I believe its fixed now!

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