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Scroll to anchor within CMS Collection page


I’m having a page where I have a “trigger” that need to scroll down when clicking on the element (like anchor) to the correct “section”

I can do this on a classic page, but here I don’t know how to set the anchor links and elements because they come from the CMS…

Hope it’s clear :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:

online :

Webflow doesn’t support CMS dynamic anchors but a workaround would be to use the embed component and create your own button and dynamically pull the anchor from your collection.

Can anyone elaborate on this last idea of using the embed component to dynamically pull an anchor link from the collection. Perhaps with an example, :slight_smile:

I require this functionality at the moment and wonder if anyone has cracked it.

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Pretty sure my answer will come too late for you @zooro7120, but maybe it’ll be useful to someone else. The solution proposed by @palombokevin works fine:

(1) Insert a “custom code” element at the point where you want to link to the anchor element and set the link by using the “slug”-field from the CMS (you can take any other field from the CMS for that or even create an extra field, but the slug does the job).


(2) Then scroll to the first Collection List Item an add another “custom code” element at the point where you want to scroll on click. Set the “id” to the same CMS-field as above.


That’s it! :slight_smile:

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Hi ! Your solution, seems great, but I can’t click on the first embedded custom code…
I tried to put Link Block but without success… Cheers !

Hi @robinbeaudru,
Can you show your custom code?

I finally succeed ! Thank you very much !

I fact, my embedded Div was not placed the right way (it was in the collection item but have to be into parent!).

Thank you !

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