Anchor Links jumping below content selected

Hey Webflow Community,

Hoping someone here is able to figure this out.

I have a client who would like to add anchor/jump links inside of their CMS rich-text content.

To my understanding, this is typically not possible to do inside of the Webflow CMS editor, however, we have been able to bypass that specific issue by implementing some custom code that allows us to add HTML within a rich-text block.

I’ve been able to get the anchor link to jump properly, however, the only problem is that the page scrolls BELOW the actual content that we have selected. I have tried to circumvent this by defining the anchor-text as a div block and adding styling, but the link is still not jumping to the correct place.

Hoping that somebody might be able to take a look at the read-only link and tell me what I’ve done wrong and/or suggest an alternative method to implement anchor links within a CMS-Connected Rich text element.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:
[1]: (Webflow - Full Circle Endurance)

Page: Test Blog | Full Circle Endurance

Just a foreword, I might be completely wrong here!

I believe the anchor link is taking you to the correct spot, but essentially the navbar is hiding it. Anchor links take the top of the page to the link, but thats being currently covered by your navbar.

Have a look through this thread/forum post and see if it might help :slight_smile: Set where anchor stops on page - #6 by Siton_Systems