How to show CMS item content (and hide other items content) on click

Hey, I’d like to have a system like Spotify’s latests update on Mac OS, using CMS.

I want to use a CMS list, and on click on one of its items, display its content inside a fixed div. When another item is clicked, the other items content are hidden and only the clicked item is revealed.

It would look as follows : the left side div is the list, the right side div is the content. I’m struggling to find a satisfying solution, anyone encountered this situation before ?

Thanks for any help you can bring !

The other solution would be to open the CMS item page inside the right side div, which I also ignore how to do.

Not entirely sure but I believe you’ll want to use something like this:

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It seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, thanks ! I’ll try it out.

And it works ! Thanks :fire: