CMS Items as Scroll Anchors

Hi everyone!

I have a collection List where each item has a title and a rich text block.
All Items of the List are displayed in one column, so its a pretty long page with a lot of text.

To make this more manageable, I added a Sticky Page Navigation in the second column. The Points in the Nav equal the Title of the collection List Items.

Now I want to dynamically create anchors for every CMS Item. I couldn’t do it for the actual Item but I can dynamically add IDs to divs inside the Item.

I then wanted to link these anchors with my Pagenav so it would scroll down to the according cms Item. Basically so the client can add more content (items) over time and they will automatically be added to my content-column and my Page Navigation. -
However I cannot choose any IDs in the Page Navigation.

Is there a native workaround in Webflow for this or is there already a custom solution out there?
Ive been looking but haven’t found anything yet.