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Scroll into view interaction animation not fading

Hello, everything was working fine until suddenly I realised the ‘scroll into view’ interactions are not working specifically for texts, not on the editor or after publishing. Reveal interactions work for other elements though, such as the grid.

I’ve tweaked the interactions on and off, deleted them, made them again, played with the class names, and there’s something I must have missed because it is simply not working and it’s driving me up the wall.

It seems to be a problem specifically with the fade features though, as I attempted a ‘grow’ effect on reveal, and it worked. I then changed it back to a standard ‘fade’ and it stopped working once again.

Thanks in advance.

It seems I’m in the process of fixing it but it still seems a little weird (unless it’s something standard I wasn’t aware of).

Until this moment, I was able to have an ‘initial state’ for opacity and another ‘initial state’ for position. I’ve been meticulously switching things on and off and it seems that Webflow suddenly doesn’t like when a single animation has multiple ‘initial states’, even if for different parameters. Right now I’m going through every single header, tweaking the ‘initial state’ switches with fingers crossed.

Ok, after breaking it down, fades work now. But ‘move’ animations do not work as long as they have an initial state. This is incredibly frustrating.

I think I finally figured out what was wrong. The scroll animation has two options. ‘Scroll into view’ and ‘scroll out of view’. It seems that if you add an initial state in both ‘out’ & ‘in’ sections the system gets confused.