Initial state of an interaction does not work

I cannot manage to have some elements with interaction not displaying at first when the page loads.
In the page below :

  • The “Steps-Story-Unit” class is using a Scroll into view interaction
  • It triggers 3 Move / Opacity action on Divs included in the parent div
    I have well set the interaction with 0 opacity as an initial state but those element keep showing at first when the page loads.
    Can you please help ?

This appears to be in conflict with the second part of the interaction “When scrolled out of view”. As soon as I delete this part of the interaction, the reveal part works correctly.
I didn’t dig too deeply. You might be able to adjust the “scrolled out” part to make everything work correctly but I’d probably just disable it.

Thanks a lot,
Indeed it was because on this animation, I also set the Initial state.
After removing it, it work perfectly.

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