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SCROLLING OUT OF VIEW is not working for new elements

Hi all,

I’m running into some problems here. Scolling out of view is not working properly in some cases. At least in the preview of animations section it is not working.

I have some existing websites, where it is working with existing elements. Adding new elements, which should be influenced by scrolling are not working, wether in preview, nor final.

In the demo below, I did for testing, it is working for some reason at least final, but not in the animation preview. This is just concerning SCROLL OUT OF VIEW not INTO VIEW.

I’m still checking out this in my actual real project, what I can’t share at the moment, but maybe someone has experienced this, as well?

I would appreciate any hint. Thx.


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Is there nobody out here, knowing about this problem?

Today it’s getting strange, I feel like if someone is kidding me. As one of two elements I put in an interaction yesterday was not working, is working suddenly, now. The other is still not.

I like Webflow a lot, but interaction problems are always starting, while preparing new projects or major changes to existing projects. As there is no feedback, here, I hope, I will get feedback soon from support. Something like a reset of the project environment worked out with other problems in former times.

It is not clear what problems exactly you are experiencing, perhaps creating a short video may help? Or be more specific in what should happen and what happens instead.

I experience it too lately. It’s pretty simple: you set the actions for the scrolling into view animation, everything works great. You start setting the actions for the scrolling out of view animation, but nothing works. E.g. you select an element, you add a bg color action, change the color, but no color is changed in the designer while you set it, and neither when you preview or run the interaction.

First witnessed this about… 4 5 weeks ago maybe. Haven’t had time to try to narrow the circumstances.

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@dram @vincent Thx for your replies and trying to help. For some reason it works today suddenly for me in my project, where I’m deep in, while preparing a presentation I have this Friday. This saved my life so far and hope this will stay.

Maybe it works, why I started a support ticket and they tried to solve this, but still don’t have concrete feedback. The behavior in preview of my test case ist still not solved.


Looks like it works as it should. Worked yesterday for me just the same hence my question.

@vincent What I am noticing here (and checked on my own test project) is that actually scroll into view kicks in when an object is already in view! That was one of the longest problems - not triggering the “into view” animation when trigger already in view when the page is loaded. perhaps this update in change in behavious was causing some glitches recently?

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