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Scroll down icon to stay visible within 1st section

I have a scroll down icon on my homepage (scroll down transition isn’t set just yet but the icon is being displayed). However, at a certain point, when the browser gets rather small (height-wise), it starts be eaten up by the browser. I may be being nit picky with this but I need to know what is keeping the icon from staying in the viewport no matter the shrinking of the browser… ? Please help, I am making progress on this site and need to continue the momentum.

Here is my public share link:
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And you’re right to be. Neat designs are fine tuned designs, and persistence of behaviors across all screens heights is one of the most difficult aspect of modern web design.

Part of the solution could be to make the content block stick to the bottom

But when screen shrinks too much you’ll lose info by the top of the viewport

BUT let’s consider a 13" laptop with quite some narrow height, 800px max, and you get that result

So I think you’re good if you do that.

Thank you!! You’re right. So I put the arrow on its own div and stuck it to the bottom.

The only thing now is that the arrow icon seems to go over the text above it when the browser resizes at a certain small size.

I’m not sure why its behaving that way but I think it will work as is.

If you know why its doing this i’d love to know!

I’m going to layout the rest of the page. Thank you for your help!!


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