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Schedule CMS items with Zapier and Google Sheets

Hi Webflowers!

I have a challenge with scheduling CMS items and hope somebody had the same and found out the solution.

I need to post one time a day 5 CMS items in Webflow. I made a research and find the way with Zapier: to create Google Sheets rows and create live items in Webflow.

This is the example of the project https://sidebar.io/

Can it work with using Schedule App from Zapier to schedule creating each day 5 CMS items from each 5 rows in Google Sheets?

Or maybe you know any other way?

And one more detail. CMS items will be articles from other sites. so maybe it can be created from scheduled RSS feed.

p.s. this way Iā€™m not able to use because I need CMS item autotweet and I set up it already New Feature: Relative Date Filtering

Thanks a lot! I appreciate any help :pray: :hugs:

I made scheduling with WordPress + Webflow Zap. thank you!

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