SCA for Webflow ecommerce in the EU

Hello everyone.

I’ve developed a Webshop in Webflow. The business is based in Denmark (in the EU). The new rules states, that we should offer 3D Secure checkout, in order to meet SCA requirements

I’ve found this on the topic:

But that doesn’t say much.

How do I turn on 3D Secure checkout in Webflow ecommerce?

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You don’t. Webflow states “Webflow Ecommerce payments are PSD2 and SCA compliant (i.e., support 3D Secure payments) for European customers.” If you have concerns I would contact Webflow directly. The forums are community based help.

Hi Jeff, @webdev ,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Hoped there might be a switch somewhere in the ecom. admin I had missed.

As I read the rules in the EU, the statement made from Webflow on the topic (the one I linked in my original post), is not nearly enough to satisfy either clients or legal reps.

I’ve written to Webflow about the matter.