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Draft and Archive status for Dynamic Templates and Static Pages

First of all: Webflow is an awesome product! Great work! My team and I worked for the last months with Webflow and it changed our lives. But we found out in the daily work that some additional features would be helpful: This ist the first one:

After working with some live websites we found out, that it would be very helpful if there is a “Draft” and “Archive” button for normal pages like we have it for dynamic items. This will help adding and working on new pages to an existing website without the need to put them live if you are publishing other changes.


Nice one. For the time being I personally make folders for such pages and prevent them from indexing, with this custom code:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

(Put it on each page, in the head section for custom code.)


@uzzer thanks for the tip! I added this to a section of my website but if I type in the url, it still pops up. Am I missing something?

See the last folder titled Draft/Archive


Hi lindsay.ware,
this solutions only prevents that robots will index your site. But your page will still be available und the specific URL. This is why I asked for a “Draft” and “Archive” button. What you may do to make it difficult to find the page by typing the url is to give it a very cryptic url at the page settings.

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I was just going to post the same request. We are constantly working on new stuff in the background and don’t want those pages or items to be visible, searcheable until we want to publish them.

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