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Save gradient style

I would love to have the ability to save a gradient for reuse. It is pretty painful to use one in more than one place and have them match otherwise. I try to think way ahead and abstract my classes so the gradient style can be appended, but it is tough to do.


YES! Me too!

I’ve sometimes spent a very long time building and fine tuning a single gradient, that would be nice to be able to re-use it.

Import and export of gradients lists and color swatches would be great too.

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Oh yes, please. That would be awesome to have gradients saved!

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Good idea.

Gradients are a pia.
I’m still trying to get them right.
And they are so easy to mess up.

A private and perhaps a community / webflow gradient library to pull from

  • would be a nice feature.

Another YES for saving gradients. Without this feature, gradients are hard to use, and they shouldn’t be. Curse this flat world!

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  • Adding a plug-in color selection tool like Colorzilla can really
    help and speeds up the process of color selection and sampling for me.

  • Adding you colors for each point in a gradient to your color presets
    and it will shave off some time.

  • And best of all, like I described in the original post - abstracting your color fill attribute is essential if gradients appear frequently on a site. Then you build them once and simply call them by name, appending the global style to your object classes. CSS is a really powerful styles management library especially if you ever have to tweak or edit.

But I am looking forward to the day that we build and perfect these globals once and can share them as libraries between projects and with each other. That will be a powerful way to work.

Thanks for the followup! And yes, I’ll just create my set of gradients in another tool (Colorzilla is cool), and add them to my other classes. Good tips. Much appreciated!