Managing Color Schemes

It’d be cool to be able to have some kind of color scheme management tool, and/or the ability to import color schemes from third parties like Adobe Color.

One of the first parts of my design process is creating a color scheme and then adding the swatches to my color palette, but as the project goes on I find myself needing to tweak that green. It’d be cool to be able to set a color swatch as ‘global’ so I could use it across different elements and properties, change the global color, then have it update all instances of the color.

Other cool features…

  • Adjust swatch thumbnail sizes
  • Allow swatch grid view or list view (so color name would be visible)
  • Save swatch sets and use across multiple projects
  • Re-order swatches.

A big +1 from me on this one.

@sarahc I’ve been wanting global swatches for quite some time too! We’re actually currently reworking our style system to make this and other style related features much easier to implement. :beers:


:+1: Rock On @thesergie! :facepunch:

Any update on this? This would be an amazing feature, and one that can’t be too hard implementing :smiley: