Same fonts not available on all pages

I’ve never come across this issue before - working on a new site that uses the stock Lato font family, on my homepage I can access Thin, Light, Normal and Black but on any other page I can only access Normal and Bold?

Why is the font family different on different pages and why can’t I have access the complete family anyway?

Many thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Sorry to pester, does anyone know what the issue is please?

You’re showing dropdown font-style menu for two different fonts: Lato and Arial


Can we just pretend I never posted that please? Its been a long day.

Wow that was embarrassing. Thank’s for spotting the obvious Vincent :slight_smile:

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Don’t feel bad… my most embarassing questions, I usually ask them directly to support@webflow. I think the last one was “Why is there suddenly tons of cookies and trackers on my websites?”, when I was (obviously) visiting them while connected to my account…


Lol, thanks for the reply Vincent. I’ll maybe stick to support for those kind of questions then!


No no, those are for the forum, no problem with that :slight_smile:

Use support if your app is broken, if you can’t work at all, if hosting breaks, or issues with payments, anything regarding your plan etc.