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Different font on the menu section on a restaurant website

Is it possible to use a slightly different font than the rest off the website on the menu section of a restaurant website

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It’s possible to use the fonts as you like. There is not limitation, well there is a consideration about weight because too many fonts are heavy to load. But you could even use a different font for every letter of a word.

To affect a font to the items in a menu, make sure the menu items share the same class. If they don’t have one, create one (a class is a name in the selector box on top of the style panel) and affect it to all the links. Then affect a font to any element of that class, observe how all the elements of thesame class get updated too.

Hi Vincent, so Im making an Italian restaurant website where the main font is Open Sans. I tried the same font on the menu page and it just doesn’t look good. I know consistency is key, so Its ok for an entire page to have a small different in font?