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RSS / Mailchimp Triggering Issue


I’m a bit new to RSS feeds and I have a client who is having an issue they want me to diagnose.

They have there RSS feed integrated with Active Campaign (Similar to Mail Chimp). For whatever reason, they continually go back and make edits on a previously published post. Then, whenever the edit is made and the post is re-published, the RSS feed is triggered and all the recipients on the list receive an unwanted email saying there’s new content, when really it’s just a simple update to an old blog.

Is there anything I can do on the Webflow side in order to help my client combat this issue? Is it as simple as turning off the RSS switch in Webflow prior to publishing a blog that the client does not want to trigger the feed?

Thank you in advance for everyone’s expertise on the issue!

Hi @Spencer_Irwin, there is really not a way to do this in Webflow, as when a post is updated, the rss.xml file is updated with the last published date for the individual post. This is standard behavior for an RSS feed.

I think that probably you will need to check with ActiveCampaign and see if they have some way to check if the same url has been used in a previous rss to email blast. If I understand you correctly, you want to be notified by RSS that an initial article is published, but do not want to be notified of updates to the same article.

When the post is published, the rss feed updates the item in the rss feed with the latest publish date.

Hi @cyberdave!

Thank you so much for your response. That is exactly the case.

I will see if maybe there’s an option inside of Active Campaign for this.

I realize it’s sort of obnoxious and potentially unconventional, but will turning off the RSS switch in Webflow prior to publishing updates to previously posted blogs, then turning it back on after the post updates have been published work for this, or will the information be relayed once the RSS is turned back on, thus triggering the unwanted email blasts?

Hi @Spencer_Irwin, thanks for the response. Well, if you turned off the rss feed, it will only get turned off at the next publish.

So if you turned off the rss, published, then made the post change and do not renable the rss feed (and republish), until you need to post the RSS article list, then I suppose that should work, basically doing a manual RSS feed publish each time.

I am not entirely sure how ActiveCampaign would treat that manual publish, it probably need to be tested.

I also think that an option in the Webflow CMS for the RSS feed, to be able to “Selectively” enable or disable certain collection items from being included to the RSS feed would be awesome: That could also solve the problem, it is just not built yet.

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Awesome @cyberdave! Sorry about my late response, but I really appreciate your help on the matter!

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