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Mailchimp and Webflow - edited blog posts are published again


So, I have integrated my RSS feed to Mailchimp to publish new blog posts. However, when I go back to editing my old ones and they are once again published, Mailchimp then sends out the ’ New blog post’ email update. I have looked everywhere online for how to fix this issue, however no luck. I have tried changing the publish dates too, and turning off the RSS feed when I edit, but that didn’t help.

Has anyone ever had this and know how best to solve it?

You can burn up a field in the CMS as a custom publish date, then in the template settings you can assign that new field as the publish date for the RSS feed. Should resolve your issue.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for your reply! This makes sense - however what do you mean by ’ burn up a field in the CMS as a custom publish date?’

@olesyab11 - I mean use one of your available fields for this purpose.