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MailChimp newsletter -> Dynamic newsfeed

Hey guys!

A client of mine is requesting a MailChimp integration to his Webflow-site:

Trigger: Client sends out a MailChimp newsletter
Action: Webflow CMS automatically publish a new dynamic post to the newsfeed with the headline, datestamp and a link to the browser-version of the newsletter at MailChimp. Preferably I’d like the newsletter content as Rich Text but it’s not a must.

I wonder if it is possible - maybe you know?


Hi, haven’t tried this myself yet but you can enable rss for a collection so it should be doable.

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Thanks Jorn!

Is there a smarter way to do it today? :slight_smile:

@Curting take a look at Zapier, MailChimp do have a triggar for new campain created and sent. Then Connect to the Zap for webflow