RSS Feeds and dynamic updates -- Can this be done?

I am looking for a simple way to feed the status of a business to anyone who wants to digest this status on their website. Rather than build an elaborate API that would require the 3rd party website to build an API connector, I thought a simple RSS could work using Weblow.

So please tell me if this is even possible! Here’s the setup

Think Twitter blue checkmark, we want to create a searchable RSS feed that can show a checkmark.
The idea is that the 3rd party website will create their own database of businesses in a list. If they have a business name that matches our database feed, we can show if the business is “approved” and can show the checkmark icon.

Since Webflow uses collections could we; use a collection URL pattern so that the 3rd party service searches for say;

If the URL is found, we can “feed” them the status. Could something like this work?

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