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Rotated Image when published. Upright in Editor

I just published by site and somehow one of the image is rotated.
However, the image is indeed upright in both my Webflow Editor and Preview.

Did I click anything wrong by accident?




I think the image was added to the assets as rotated, I would suggest straightening it in Photoshop or even in the default photos app and re-uploading it.

I have no idea why it is showing properly in the webflow UI

I have noticed this same behavior. Images in blog posts look fine in the editor but are rotated 90º when published.

Same error in my website, some of the images are rotated 90º when published… It looks like it affects the portrait ones and changes them in landscape format. Can anybody help me please? :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Here is the link of one project that is affected: Celia Grandhomme – Portfolio

I’m also getting this issue for two images in my collection items. When viewing the collection item and in the editor, the images are in their proper orientation; but on the published page one image is upside-down and the other is sideways.

Same issue for me too… I emailed Webflow and they said to manually change the orientation of it then put it back in… but that’s a really roundabout solution especially for clients you are building the site for

Running into this exact same issue. The image is oriented properly in assets, and in the designer and editor. Looks right on my hard drive in explorer, and in Photoshop too. But in the published site it’s rotated 90-degrees counterclockwise. Has anyone found a fix?

Does anyone have insight regarding this? Same behavior as others have reported - they appear correct in the designer but end up 90 degree rotated when published. Also, every time I upload assets they end up with the wrong orientation in the asset manager.

I’m dealing with the same right now. Images in a grid gallery are properly oriented in editor and preview, but published it’s rotated 90 degrees. I hope they solve this problem soon!

This issue has been open since July of last year and there is still no response from Webflow. I have clients that are complaining about this. I am getting images horizontal and I cannot tell in the editor or preview.

Can we please have a reply here?


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Hello, I’ve also experienced this issue and couldn’t figure out the problem. I resized all of my images to be the same size in pixels (900X1200). I also reduced the file sizes drastically in doing this since many of them were 3G, 2G files. I hope that helps! This was really frustrating.

I am also having this issue. The client is complaining some artwork is showing sideways and upside down in the thumbnail but not when opened or inside Webflow editor.

If someone could share an asset URL for an effected image I will be happy to look at it. I know that Google Chrome will default to the orientation in the EXIF file if it exists. Might be the issue.

Hey Jeff,

attached is a screenshot of how it appears when published.
Here’s the link to the page
Here’s the link to the image
Here’s my project link : Webflow - GrowCo Rehab
Please let me know if you can spot the issue and the fix. In the editor it shows up as the proper orientation but on the live site it doesn’t.

Not seeing the issue. What browser / rev / and OS are you using?
Tested :Microsoft Edge
Version 91.0.864.37 (Official build) (64-bit)

EXIF shows ORIENTATION @ 1 (landscape)

Shared with CloudApp

FYI: 25MB pages loads are; well excessive IMHO.

I had the same issue–images were vertical in the editor and preview, but horizontal on the published site. I opened the photos in photoshop, re-exported them, and uploaded them again, and they were fine. not sure if it had something to do with the file size, though I have larger images on my website that were fine.

Hello! I am experiencing the same issue has this been resolved yet?

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still looking for a fix for this as well :grimacing:

So I had the issue as well. I opened in Photoshop and did a Export As. I reduced the size simply bc they were massive. Saved as a JPG and it worked fine.

Here’s what’s odd. When the client sent me the images she embedded them in the email and they were rotated 90 degrees. When I saw them on my computer they looked correct, but I assume something was funky with the image where Finder, Preview, and Photoshop all showed them correctly, but there was something underlying in the image itself that when exported corrected it. I am really guessing that the root cause is something with the image. Hope this helps.

Same here. I am really hoping Webflow will do something about it or at least provide a proper response. Clients are complaining and im powerless about it.