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Image Orientation Maddness

Hey Webflowvians,

I’m making an artist portfolio (not my first) and I’m running into an annoying issue. Some images in the

Project Page galleries appear on the live site upside-down and sideways. Not the best way to display someone’s work.

Researching this subject, some folks said this was a matter of file orientation with images from iPhones and the “fix” was to open the image in Photoshop, save as, and reload in the Collection. I did that, but it didn’t work. I saved then as copies, and that didn’t work. I saved the jpgs as pngs, and that didn’t work.

Live site:
Sculptural Installations
Pages with problem:
Containment Field

The truly annoying aspect is, these disoriented images appear on different browers and not on others. No problems on my system, save one. Yet they are nearly all on the wrong orientation on her system, on both Chrome and Safari.

This problem does not appear in any image gallery on other sites I’ve built. So, if I had hair, I’d pull it out.

Note; We put this site up so the artist could view the site for feedback, and it’s not yet set-up for tablet or mobile.

Note Note; The artist is my wife and she just may kill me.

Many Thanks


Here is my site Read-Only:

very hard to understand your issue (Add screenshots and also live url) + all images? some images?

Thanks, I edited the post above and here are screen shots.

Again - in all photos? Print screen and put circle on one image you know you have orientation issue + On mobile? Desktop? Safari? Chrome? give more info.

I appreciate your working with me on this, Ezra.

  • In my initial post I wrote that this is random, so not all pototos.
  • If a room is sideways, or upside down, then the image is incorrectly oriented.
  • Mobile is not a consideration, as I wrote the site is not built out for tablet or mobile. So we are only discussing desktop, and all elements will cascade from there.
  • I also wrote that is doesn’t appear on Safari or chrome, on my system (except one image of her standing next to the large piece hanging on a wall) but it does appear on my wife’s system on both browsers.

This issue doens not present itself in other galleries on the same site, only in the Sculptural Installations section. I feel like I’m trying to locate an electrical problem in a '70s British sports car…

I hope this helps neck down the matter.