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Images added by client in editor are rotating on screen

Hey guys,

I have some images in a hero section of the website that my client has gone to change in the editor. All of a sudden the images he puts in (which are oriented the right way) are rotating on the published site. On my end in the designer they glitch between the right and wrong way.

Does anyone know why this might be?

Here is the website

Here is the share link

Hey Ethan!

Welcome to the Webflow Community! :smiley:

Would you care to post screenshot(s) of what exactly you are referring to in your post? From there, I may be able to make a better recommendation once I can see what exactly is happening.


It appears the asset rendering on the page is 90degrees tilted.

Reorient the image asset in image editor then reupload it

The CDN is serving differnt responsive images based on viewport. the best remedy to the sideways versions is to make tiny edits to the image then reupload it, the CDN will regenerate the responsive image assets.

Hey Tyler, thanks for the response! Sorry for my delay. It seems to be working now somehow!

Hey Miek, thanks for the response! Hmm very interesting. They seem to be working now, maybe my client reuploaded and unintentionally did your method. Thanks for the help